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Hisashi Miura singing his Field of Dreams, a song based on
the movie of the same name at Mandala 2 in Kichijoji, Tokyo,
December 19, 2014. Photo by k. miura.


なんぼう考へてもおんなじことの落ち葉ふみあるく  山頭火
However hard I think-
Still it's the same,
Walking on fallen leaves


風は何よりもさみしいとおもふすすきの穂 山頭火
Nothing makes me feel lonelier
than the wind blowoing
through the silver grass


At the 50th Reunion of Class of 64, Montgomery High School, Santa Rosa, CA.
They were 16 or 17 and very pretty when I knew them. They are still beautiful after
all these years. Photo by miura, September 13, 2014


Shumeigiku (Japanese anemone) are beginning to bloom, heralding the arrival of
autumn. Hope the weather will be fine and steady unlike the extreme weather in
summer that caused mudslides and floods all over Japane. Photo by miura, 9/6/14.


The Nomads was a popular band in Montgomry High Shool,Santa Rosa, CA, when I was
a student there 63-64. My American brother John Harvey, second from right, played
the rhythm guitar. The dummer Richard Freitas posted this photo on Montgomery
High School Class of 64 Website. Thank you, Richard. Posted by miura 8/29/14.


夏休みのお知らせ Summer Vacation Notice

OREAD will be closed for summer vacation from Aug 6 (Wed) until Aug 26. It will
reopen on Aug 27 (Wed) and the first Saturday Night Open Mike after the vacation
will be h


It has been quite hot and humid since the rainy season ended a couple of weeks
ago. Sprinkling water on both the lawn and the potted plants at the same time. Photo
by miura, July 31, 2014.


The rainy season is over and the summer is here. Seems it is one of the
hottest summers in recent years. Hope everyone will survive this ordeal.
Photo by miura, July 24, 2014


One Day Festival was held in about 100 venues in China, Korea and Japan. Oread participated in it.
Thanks to many people who contributed to the event, it was quite sucessful. Photo by k. miura July, 12, 2014




Singign Song of Oread Band at the 18th Firefly Festival Concert. From left: Takuji
Oyama, Hisashi Miura, Nakai Ichiro and Takashi Ohtsuki. Photo by Shinya Miura, June 21, 2014.


Singing Amazing Grace as the finale of Oread Saturday Night Open Mike. From left:
Makoto Akahane, Hisashi Miura, Toshiharu Maruyama, Kazue Harada. Photo by k. miura.
June 7, 2014.


Jazz vocalist, Frank Ishida singing Just Friends with Koichiro Shirota on the piano
at Oread Saturday Night Open Mike. Photo by miura, May 24, 2014


"Rain or Shine"by the Applauz put the audience into a frenzy at the Oread Saturday
Night Open Mike, May 17, 2014. Photo by miura


Nice smiles at Oread Open Mike May 10, 2014. photo by miura.


Singng Amazing Grace at the end of the Oread open mike of April 5, 2014. Photo by


Takuji Oyama & Hisashi Miura having a great time at harness, Asagaya,
Tokyo. March 15th, 2014. Photo by Yukari Watanabe.
by Yukari


Takuji Oyama trying to show Hisashi Miura how to play Tane no Uta (Seed Song) on
the mornig of June 23, 2013. Photo by Masashi Koyama.


The 6th Martin Luther King Day Benefit Concert at OREAD. Singing "Where Have
All the Flowers Gone?" along with the audience as a tribute to Pete Seeger who
passed last month at age 94. From left Toshiharu Maruyama, Keizo Yamaguchi,
Hisashi Miura, Kumiko Torikai and Kazue Harada. Photo by k.miura, Feb 23, 2014.


The 6th Martin Luther King Day Benefit Event will be held on February 23, 2014
at Oread. Dr. Kumiko Torikai will give a talk titled " Martin Luther King,Jr, and
the 60s America. Ms. Susan Branz will talk on the History of the MLK Day and
her envolvement with it. Hisashi Miura will talk and sing about the dreams of MLK
and Miyazawa Kenji. There will be a segment where we will all sing songs by Pete
Seeger who passed last month at 94 and other folksongs during the Civil Rights


Masaki in his mommy's arms enjoying watching various kinds of fish at the aquarium
in Prince Hotel in Shinagawa on the morning of Jan 25, 2014 right before his uncle
Shinya's wedding. Photo by miura.


Singing Amazing Grace at the finale of Saturday Night Open Mike (Jan 18, 2014).


Hisashi Miura singing Field of Dreams on the first open mike of the year-"Officially
my major was English but really it was the 60s." Photo by k.miura, January 4, 2014


Hope 2014 will be a good year for you all.

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