The 20th Hisashi Miura Year-End Concert in Mandala 2 in Kichijoji, Tokyo was
successfully over thanks to Kuniaki Shimizu, Takuji Oyama, Yoshio Noma, Ichiro
Nakai, Seiichi Tanaka who contributed to the show musically and also to many
people who came to support the event., braving the cold wave that hit Tolyo on
that day. Photo by Shinya Miura, Dec 14, 2013.


Hisashi Miura will give his 20th Year-End Concert at Mandala 2, in Kichijoji,
Tokyo on December 14, 2013 with two guests, Kuniaki Shimizu and Takuji
Oyama, who also participated in the Firefly Festival Concert in June this
year as shown in the above photo. There will be three more musicians to
perform and help support the concert-Yoshio Noma. Ichiro Nakai and Seiichi


Sweet Home Chicago session with Hajime Tanaka and the Oread Band
plus Takayuki Takeiri opn mouthharp at Takeiji and Oread Band Concert.
Photo by miura, October 19, 2013.


Takayuki Takeiri, who visited Oread and sang a few songs at the
August 31st Oread Open Mike, will give a concert with his guitarist
Keiji Hara, on October 19th. Some of the regular Oread musicians
will also perform. Photo by miura, August 31, 2013.


Singing Amazing Grace in English and Japanese at the finale of
the open mike at Oread, September 14, 2013. Photo by k. miura.


Shoji Kaneke, 86 years and 11 months old, make soap bubbles on the stage of
Sept 7 open mike, singing a Japanese children's song "Shabondama" or "Let's
Fly Soap Bubbles," whose melody, he says, was influenced by an English hymn,
"Jesus Loves Me, This I Know." They certainly sound very much alike in some
parts. photo by miura.


We got the rusted roofs of OREAD cleaned and painted about three
weeks ago and now had the solar power generationg system installed.
It started generating electricity this morning. It is a great feeling to
know we can not only save on electricity bills but also contribute to
reducing air pollution even on a small scale. Photo by miura, Sept 5,


Have you ever seen okra flowers? They are very beautiful This is the
photo I took this morning in our vegetable garden. h. miura, Aug 23, 2013.


Very hot summer! In some areas of Japan the temperature has reached as
high as 40℃. Even the flowers in the garden seem to be panting for air.
Photo by miura..


S. Sakai, singing "Bokura no Yume (Our Dream)," one of his latest songs, impressing
the audience. His brown fedora looks good on him just like the one atop Lenoard Cohen
on the wall. Photo by miura, Augst 3, 2013 at Oread Open Mike..


Teruo Imai 68, Kazuo Harada 73, Shoji Kaneko 86, Toshiharu Maruyama 71 and
Hisashi Miura 67. How old are we all together? This photo was taken during the
intermission at the Oread Open Mike, July 13, 2013. Photo by k. miura


Takuji Oyama, Hisashi Miura, and Kuniaki Shimizu singing "Party wa Owatta-yo
(The Party Is Over)" at the finale of The 17th Hisashi Miura Firefly Festival
Concert. at Oread, June 22, 2013.. Thanks to the two well-known guest singers
and the audience the concert was a great success. Photo by s. miura,




Grand finale at Oread Open Mike with "Sunny Side of Life. From left,
T. Maruyama, M. Akahane, I. Nagashima, S. Sakai, K. Yamaguchi, and
K. Harada. Photo by miura. June 1, 2013.


Max Dodds sang Fifty Rivers that he wrote for his late band member whose
name was Isogawa (五十川) at the Oread open mike. He impressed the audience
with his powerful guitar work and his rich vocal tone. Photo by miura, May 25, 2013.


Hisashi Miura singing "Seed Song" with Takuji Oyama, the writer of the
song at Harness in Asagaya, Tokyo on May 17, 2013. Takuji says he wrote
the song after visiting New York after 9.11 to see the devastatred site. It
is a great song. Hope you will click the underlined title above and listen.
It has English subtitles. Photo by Yukari Watanabe.


Hajime Tanaka gave a superb one-man solo concert singing 18 songs of his
own writing on May 4, 2013. The audience were moved and impressed so much
that they didn't leave the venue for a long time, basking in the pleasant sensations
after the show. His parents who heard him sing in public for the first time looked
relieved and pleased, too. Thank you all for coming to his concert. Photo by miura.


Happy Boys' Day! Photo by miura, May 5, 2013.


Hajime Tanaka will give a concert on May 4th. He is an extremely talented
blues guitarist/singer. Here he is singing Henry by Keb Mo at the open mike
on March 30, 2013. Photo by miura.


Kazue Harada singing "Happy Birthday by Yocchan" on her own birthday with
Yukiko Natori, Shunsui Sakai and Toshiharu Maruyama supoorting her.
Photo by k. miura. April20, 2013.


Derek Hurst from Colorado performed for the first time at the Oread Open Mike last Saturday (4/6/13),
though it was not his first appearnce at Oread. He contributed his talent at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Benefit Concert in January, 2011 and 2012. His music and smiles are always welcome at Oread. Photo by miura.


A fine view of the Ina Valley and the Central Japan Alps seen from the ground of
Shinkon-ji Temple (真金寺) in Akahane, Tatsuno. A great Soto Zen priest named
Hayashi Sokushu (林即宗) lived in this temps as a Zen master in Meiji Period
Photo by miura, March 19, 2013


Makoto Akahane, singing "As the deer panteth for the water, so my soul longeth
after thee...." It's a hymn named "As the Deer." Photo by miura, March 16, 2013
at Oread Open MikeNight.


Kazue Harada singing "Tsubasa wo Kudasai (Give Me Wings)" with three young
ikemen musicians--Shunsui Sakai on djembe, Kohdai Takahashi on guitar and
Hiroshi Ohta on piano at the Oread Open Mike, March 2, 2012. Photo by miura..


Happy faces at OREAD Open Mike after playing one of their favorite songs,
"Sunny Side of Life"--Let us sing a song as we walk along/ Let us banish care
and strife/ That the world might know as we onward go/ There's a sunny side
of life.// From left I. Nagashima, K. Yamaguchi, M. Akahane, and K. Harada.
Photo by miura, February 23. 2013.


Mr. Kazuo Harada, one of the constant supporters of OREAD and my shogi teacher, talks
about his career as a long-distance runner in his youth at the Oread Open MIke. He used
to be a regular ekiden runner representing All Suwa and placed fourth in 5000 meter run
in the 9th National Athletic Meet in 1957. He is now 72 years old. He is very happy as he
thinks his ability to run is atavistically inherited by his grandson.
Photo by miura, February 16, 2013.


Toshiharu Maruyama with flowers surround by the musicians after the great jamming of
"70 Sai ni Nattanoda (You Know Now I Am 70), The smiles on their faces show that tonight's
open mike to celebrate the release of his first album was successful as well as enjoyable.
Photo by miura, February 9, 2013.


Toshiharu Maruyama released his first CD album of 11 songs of his own writing
last week on Jan 31. He will be 72 on May 21 this year. He is 3 days senior to Bob
Dylan. To commemorate and celebrate the release of his first album, OREAD will
have an open mike night on Saturday, Feburuary 9. Hope many will come to enjoy
the celebration. Photo by miura, Jan 19, 2013.


Richard Robinson impressed the audience with his reciting "A Poem for Jose Campos Torres by
Gil Scott-Heron and singing Gone Too Soon, implying that Dr. King was deprived from us too soon,
at the 5 th Martin Luther King, Jr, Day Benefit Concert at OREAD, Jan 20, 2013. Photo by k. miura.


Welcome to OREAD 2013. Open mike on every Saturday. The first big event
of 2013 is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Benefit Concert on Sunday, January 20.
Hope you will come and enjoy good coffee and good music. Photo by miura,
Jan 5, 2013.

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