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Hisashi Miura singing "Jiro" at the annual year-end concert at Mandala 2 in Kichijoji,
Tokyo, December 14, 2007. The guitarist supporting him is Yoshio "Norman" Noma.
The photo, appropriated from the new year letter from Akira Sakaino in Yokohama.


Makoto Akahane singing "Senryonashinomi(千両梨の実)" with Liu Tie Gang(劉鉄鋼)
on niko or erhu (Chinese two-stringed fiddle) and Takashi Otsuki on piano at Oread,
January 5, 2008. Photo by miura.


Hisashi Miura singing "Jiro" with Takashi Otsuki on piano at the Open Mike at OREAD.
The lyrics of the song were writtne by Iguchi Kigenji, Ogiwara Rokuzan's mentor, more than  
a hundred years ago and Miura put music to it in 2004. Photo by k. miura, January 12, '08.


Roppei Hori, Hisashi Miura and Yoshitaro Kanasaki singing Goodnight Irene at the 
finale of the dress rehearsal open to public at OREAD, January 19, 2008. The three 
are going to perform together at various venues this year. Photo by Akira Kakiuchi.


The snow that started falling late last night has been falling all day today covering the yard, 
the house and the trees . There are places where it is about 30 centimetes deep. Fortunately
it is light powdery snow easy to be shoveled away. Photo by miura, February 3, 2008


Phoebe and Sophy (from left): "Wow, it's white everywhere and it's surely cold. But what fun 
it is to play around in the snow! It's easy to pee here, too " Photo by miura, February 4, 2008. 


The Johny Cash TV Show is out today in Japan from Sony Music. It is a two DVD
set of more than 60 great songs and
performances by artists including Bob 
Dylan, Eriic Clapton (Derek & the Dominos), Linda Ronstadt, Creedence Clearwater
 Revival, James Taylor, Carl Perkins, Ray Charles, Chet Atkins, Bill Monroe, 
Kris Kristofferson, Pete Seeger, Louis Armstrong, Waylon Jennings, Neil Young
and of course Johnny Cash ans his wife June Carter Cash and the Carter Family.

3月5日発売「ジョニー・キャッシュTVショー」掛け値なしに素晴らしいです。By miura, March 5, 2008


"Wow, how come you can climb up so high, Phoebe? I'm scared." "Sophy, it's so nice up 
here. The wind is warm and gentle. And Ojo-yama looks so beautiful down below."
"Well, Phoebe, I want to climb down but I don't know how." Photo by miura, April 14, 2008


S.Yamamoto of Folklore Duo Pimienta showing his dexterity with his quenas
impressing the audience at OREAD on April 26, 2008. Photo by A. Kakiuchi.


"Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! I got a beautiful feeling!
Everything's going my way!"
― Sophie. Photo by miura, on the morning of May 6, 2008.


Keigo Takashima talking about photography and his works at OREAD Open Mike on May 10,
2008. In a couple of months at OREAD he is to have an exhibit of his recent photos of
Mt. Fuji and the oceans around Okinawa as well as the photos of well-known musicians  like
 G. Harrison that he took when he was working for music magazines in Tokyo. Photo by miura.


Makoto Akahane and Hisashi Miura singing Amazing Grace alternately in Japanese and English
as the f1nale of the OREAD Open Mike night, May 17, 2008. Photo by k. miura


Darryl Pearce, singing Lonesome Small Town AET Blues, a song of his own
writing at Oread with his impromptu session band (from left) Mark Phillips,
Martin Chenhall, Mark Brierley and Takashi Otsuki on June 7, 2008,
impressing the auddience with his deep, resonant voice. Photo by miura.


Six Jizo or Ksitigarbas at Koju-ji (香住寺), located in Imamura, Tatsuno. Jizo is
supposed to be a gurdian deity of children. Photo taken by miura on April 29, 2008


A scene from the 10th Firefly Festival Concert held on June 17, 2006. From left Yoshio
"Norman" Noma, Hisashi Miura, Hiroshi Ota and Takashi Otsuki. Photo probably by k. miura.


Ms & Rev Hisai Hasegawa reading a short essay on John Newton, the author of the lyrics
of Amazing Grace before Hisashi Miura and Makoto Akahane start singing the song along with
the audience.  Photo by s. miura, at Hisashi's 12th Firefly Festival Concert, June 28, 2008.


Singing Goodnight Irene as the finale of the first night of the 36th "Tanabata Concert" at Jittoku,
Kyoto. July 5, 2008. From left Yuzo Toyoda, Hisashi Miura, Rabi Nakayama, Goh Furukawa.
Takashi Otsuki is far left at the piano, behind Y. Toyoda. Photo by Y. Sasaki.


Lotus flower, elegantly standing out in the early morning sun. Photo 
taken by Tetsuhiro Kobayashi of Yokkaichi, Mie on July 21, 2008.


Wow, what a hot summer!! It's nice up here with the cool wind coming in from the window and with Michael Hoffman's sumie with a Santoka haiku behind me. [Pausing awhile, Wind crossing the sky-Far, far away]  (たたずめば風わたる空のとほくとほく). Photos by miura, July 26, 2008.


A "newborn" butterfly in the grass wet with morning dew waiting for the moment 
to fly into the air. Photo by miura, August 9, 2008.


A male rhinoceros beetle on a leaf of fuki or Japanese butterbur in the
corner of our yard. Photo by miura on August 10, 2008.


Fireworks at Lake Suwa, photo by miura August 15, 2008.


A family of mushrooms sprouted a couple of days ago in our lawn. They must be poisonous
but they are surely beautiful to look at. Autumn is here. Photo by miura, August 31, 2008.


Makoto Akahane singing "Odorokubakarino," a Japanese version of Amazing Grace with
Takashi Otsuki on the guitar. Photo by miura, September 13, 2008.


Michael Kuntz, from Los Angeles, currently living in Kyoto and now visiting a friend in Suwa,
singing "Japan Blues" a song of hiw own writing. What makes him feel he is in Japan? When 
he finds a piece of nori(seaweed) on his bed, and when he has to wear slippers in the toilet,
etc.  He is 25, playing the  90-year-old guitar which sounds dry, mellow, funky and really shibui
Photo by miura, October 4, 2008.


Shu Kawashima, age 15, playing Autumn Leaves impressing the audience with the deep, mellow
sound of his tenor saxophone at Oread, October 18, 2008. Photo by miura.


Daiku Tetsuhiro will perform at Oread on November 15, 2008. He plays Sansin, an Okinawan
instrument, and sings Okinawan folksongs. This photo is from his performance at Oread 4 years ago.


Daiku Tetsuhiro, the recognized authority on Okinawan folk music performed at Oread with the
support of Y. Yoshida on niko or erhu, impressing and enthralling the audience with his dexterity
on the sanshin and his "unique" singing voice. Photo by miura on November 15, 2008.


Hakuba-Sanzan (Three Peaks of Hakuba) viewed from the window of Hakuba Doji-san's antique
Japanese House. Photo by miura, on December 1, 2008, an exceptionally beautiful and clear day
with no clouds.


This year again a Christmas Caroling group from a church in town dropped in to sing 
for the people who gathered at OREAD OPEN MIKE.
They were very good last year 
but this year they sounded even better.
Photo by miura, 12/20/08.

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