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A bird on the wings over Imamura, Tatsuno, Nagano, Japan
on January 1, 2007. Photo by miura.


Though the trees are bare of leaves, buds are already there in the crisp chilly air, preparing for the foliage in spring and summer. Photo by miura, January 1, 2007.


Snow country! You can tell the amount of snow we got overnight by its
thickness on the table. Photo by miura, January 7, 2007.


The grand finale featuring a blues song by Susum Nakamura with Takashi
Otsuki (pf), Kazuyhiro Shinohara (g), Satoshi Yamamoto (samponia) and
Hiroshi Ota (sax) at OREAD Open Mike, January 13, 2007, photo by miura.


The Way to Kurumayama, a dazzling contrast between blue and white. 
Photo by miura, January 14, 2007.


"Sweet Home Chicago," the finale of the night, sung by Hajime Tanaka 
with Takashi Otsuki (pf), John Sanders (sax), Junya Kasuga (perc), Daniel
Zillig (g), Toshiharu Maruyama (bass), greatly impressing and entertaining
the audience at OREAD open mike, January 27, 2007 , photo by miura.


Another great performance of Sweet Home Chicago, the finale of the night, sung by Hajime 
Tanaka with Takashi Otsuki (piano), Daniel Zillig (guitar), Kotaro Koike (bass), and Takashi
Akimoto (clarinet), at OREAD open mike, February 10, 2007 , photo by miura.


Kazuhiro Fujimori singing "Today Is Saturday," one of his latest songs in which he says
"Today is Saturday, an open mike night. I will change the strings of my guitar and go to OREAD
to sing a song I wrote for you." A great love song for his wife. 2/24/07, photo by miura.


  Takashi Otsuki (guitar), Junya Kasuga (cajon), Hiroshi Ota (sax) and Kazuhiko Otsuki (pf),
enjoying a spontaneous session after the OREAD OPEN MIKE, March 10, 2007, photo by miura.


Makoto Akahane singing at OREAD Open Mike, impressing the audience with his
profound lyrics and sincere and calm voice. Photo by miura, March 17, 2007.


Takashi Otsuki playing Canon by J. Pachelbel in his free-style performance on the piano,
impressing the audeince as ever. March 31, 2007 at Oread Open Mike. Photo by miura.


Cherry blossoms along the path to the main campus of International Christian University
in Mitaka, Tokyo. Photo sent to me from Hisashi Sato, aka Hakuba Douji. It was taken 
by a friend of his in late March this year. I remember the day very well when I walked
with my mother under these blossoms to attend the entrance ceremony 42 years ago.


Spring is finally here. Tulips bloomed and birch trees sprouted before I was aware of it. For
the past month or so I've been too busy to enjoy the trees and flowers around our place. They
kept their word and came back without fail. Hope I'll have more time to enjoy them in May.
Photo by miura, April 30, 2007.


Hajime Tanaka performing Walking the Long Miles Home written by Richard Thompson, impressing
the audience with his singing and superb guitarwork at OREAD. Photo by miura, April 28, 2007.


Becci Zillig from Byron Bay, Australia soothing the audience with her wonderfully
balmy voice singing about love at OREAD Open Mike on May 5, 2007. Photo by miura.


Beautiful leaves of koshiabura (Acanthopanax sciadophylloides) in a grove of karamatsu (larch trees)
in Imamura, Tatsuno. They are not only good to look at but good to eat. Photo by miura, May 7,2007.


Dr. Geoff Mead enthralling the audience at OREAD with his storytelling-Fish in the 
Forest, MUJINA, SKINFLINT and The Story of Jumping Mouse. Photo by miura, May 20, 2007.


Sophie & Phoebe, 6 months after they came to live with us, photo by miura, May 28, 2007.


All the performers singing Goodnight Irene together with the audience at the grand
finale of the 11th Hisashi Miura Firefly Festival Concert. Photo by K. Miura, June 23, 2007.


"The master of this house changed the strings of his guitar getting ready to go to Kyoto to sing
at the 35th Tanabata Concert. I don't want him to go. Maybe if I sit on his guitar, he may change
his mind, he may stay and play with me and Sophie." --by Phoebe. Photo by miura, July 7, 2007.


Daniel singing Stars in Your Eyes, a song written on the day when his son was born a month ago, 
overbrimming with the joy of becoming a father for the first time. Photo by miura, July 14, 2007.


Sophie looking out the latticed window on the edge of the shoe locker. Photo by miura, July 18, 2007


Prismatic lilies in fog. Photo taken by Michie Akahane who was in the audience with a
friend at OREAD Saturday Night Open Mike, July 21, 2007. They went to Fujimi Highland,
about 20 miles east of Tatsuno, where OREAD is, to enjoy the lilies earlier in the day.


A cicada on the foot of a spoke of the rocking chair and its cast-ff skin on one of my rubber
boots. It must have been born overnight and hasn't learned to fly yet. Photo by miura, July 29, 2007.


Life is full of surprises for Sophie & Phoebe who are experiencing their first summer. There are
so many things moving in the yard--ants, bees, birds, cicadas, worms, butterflies, grasshoppers,
grasses, leaves, clouds, etc. And many interesting sounds, too... Photo by miura, July 31, 2007.


Steven Woods singing Knockin' on Heaven's Door with Takashi Otsuki on piano and Daniel Zillig 
on guitar as the finale of the Open Mike night on August 11, 2007 at OREAD. Photo by miura. 


Kitazakura holding the wrist of Sadanoumi, waving it for him at an exhibition tounament in
Matsumoto, August 18, 2007. Unusual behavior by an unusual character. Photo by miura.


An impromptu performance by K. Yamashita on autoharp and T. Yamamura & S. Kayama on
kocarina (wooden ocarina), instantly creating a "peaceful easy feeling" and soothing
the minds of the people present at OREAD Open Mike, August 18, 2007. Photo by miura.


Singing "Bokuwa Shoka ga Hetadeshita/I Wasn't Good at Singing School Songs" at Okurayama
Memorial Hall with Y. Noma on the guitar and H. Ota on pianica. Photo by i. matsuo, Sep 5, 2007


Hiroshi Ota singing Nijino Naka-e ( Into the Rainbow) with his reflection on the piano looking on
and listening to his real self at OREAD Open Mike, September 22, 2007. Photo by miura.


Kazuhiro Fujimor and Takashi Otuski supporting the two princesses, Aine and Ami
singing "Choucho (Butterfly)" at OREAD Open Mike, October 6, 2007. Photo by miura.


The photo of Santoka, a wandering Zen monk/haiku poet, from the poster of the exhibit
titled "Santoka's Visits to Shinano " being held at Asama Jomon Museum. He had visited
Shinano (Nagano Prefecture) three times before he died in 1940. The haiku written on the
 poster reads as "Naruhodo Shinano no tsukiga deteiru," which could be roughly translated 
as follows: "Aha! That's the famous Shinano moon." The exhibit will last until November 25.


The fallen leaves of the white birch trees in our yard, making a beautiful
contrast to the green grass, wet with the soft, drizzling rain. Fall is finally
here after a long and extremely hot summer. The season of  Scorpios is in,
bringing peace and tranquility all around. Photo by miura, Oct 26, 2007.


Giant zelkova tree (keyaki) at Ikushima Tarushima Shrine near Nagano University in 
Ueda, Nagano Prefecture. The shrine is believed to be located in the center of Japan
and people worship this 800-year-old tree as the symbol of conjugal love, fertility
and longevity. Photo by miura, November 19, 2007.


Daniel Zillig who has delighted us with his music and his smiles is going back home
to Austrarila in the middle of December. We wish him godspeed. And we hope we will 
be able to see him again. We would like to hear him sing agarin. Good by, good luck, 
Daniel! We enjoyed your songs and your company. Photo by A. Kakiuchi, Oct. 21, 2006.


Daniel Zillig singing I Shall Be Released as the finale of his farewell concert at OREAD with 
T. Otsuki on piano, M. Yamada on guitar and J. Kasuga on percussion. All through the comcert
he imppressed the aucience with his songs, talks and smiles, December 8, 2007. Photo by miura.


Rev. & Mrs. K. Hasegawa, singing "Jesus Is Calling" with M. Akahane on guitar, impressing
the audience with their aura of serenity at OREAD Open Mike, Dec 15, 2007. Photo by miura.


Roppei Hori, Yoshitaro Kanesaki, Hisashi Miura (front row, from left) and Shunichiro GG
Kamijo (Seismic Promotion) and Yuji Kinoshita (Good News) gathered at OREAD to form a
motley crew of three singers living in Nagano Prefecture. Photo by k. miura, Dec 19, 2007.


A Christmas Caroling group from a church nearby dropped in to sing for the people who gathered
at OREAD OPEN MIKE. The serene, beautiful and yet joyous voices filled the air, celebrating
the birthday of their Lord Jesus Christ. May peace prevail on earth. 
Photo by miura, 12/22/07.

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