OREAD Top Page Photos 2006


Imamura, Tatsuno, January 1, 2006, photo by miura


Jimmie Yajima singing "Sobauchi Boogie" astounding the audience
with his guitar skills, January 14, 2006, photo by miura


Stephani Pedrechi playing "Humoresque" by Dvorak on her flute,
filling OREAD with calm and grace, impressing the audience.
Photo by miura,January 28, 2006


The winter has been unusually severe this year, but spring seems to be 
just around the corner. The birch trees are getting ready to bud,
bathing in the sun. Photo by miura, February 11, 2006


The flier for Kazuyoshi Fujihara's new CD, Country Waltz
to be released on April 8, 2006.


Martin Chenhall blowing the dijerrido & Derek Gallant on the guitar, astonishing
the audience with their peculiar sounds. Photo by miura, March 4, 2006.


Plum blossoms at Yuuki Shrine (結城神社)in the city of Tsu in Mie Prefecture.
Photo by Tetsuhiro Kobayashi, March 17, 2006.


Kamogawa in Kyoto between Shijo and Sanjo Bridges. The bridge you see is Sanjo Bridge.
I wonder what the tents on the bank are for. Photo taken by miura, April 1, 2006.


Toyoda Yuzo singing "Thank you, Dylan," a song he wrote to show his appreciation
of Bob Dylan and his works, at his concert at OREAD on April 22, 2006, photo by miura.


Singing I Shall Be Released as the finale at the Open Mike Night at OREAD.
From left, Hajime Tanaka, Bob Suzuki, Masayuki Oana, Junichiro Endo, and Takashi Otsuki.
Photo by miura, April 29, 2006.


A shoot of koshiabura (Acanthopanax sciadophylloides), photo taken by miura
in the hill in Imamura, Tatsuno, Nagano, May 5, 2006. It is edible and tastes good 
when deep-fried as tempura.


Hiroshi Ota (sax) and Takashi Otsuki (piano) jamming and playing "Yesterday"
thrilling the audience at Oread's Open Mike Night, May 20, 2006, photo by miura.  


Kazuhiro Fujimori singing Close Your Eyes with Bob Suzuki on harp, Jimmie Yajima
on guitar, Junya Kasuga on percussion and Takashi Otsuki on piano as the finale
of the Open Mike Night at OREAD, June 10, 2006, photo by miura.


Hisashi Miura singning Sen no Kaze (A Thousand Winds) at his 10th Firefly
Festival Concert at OREAD with Yoshio Noma on guitar. Photo by Taichi Fujie, June 17, 2006


Hiroshi Ota on sax and Takashi Otsuki on piano at the 10th Firefly  Festival Concert at OREAD
 impressing the audidence with their dexterity. Photo by Taichi Fujie, June 17, 2006


Yoshio Noma, aka Norman, impressing the audience with his exqusite guitarwork
at the 10th Firefly  Festival Concert at OREAD. Photo by Taichi Fujie, June 17, 2006


Hiroshi Ota, impressing the audience with his sax
at the 10th Firefly  Festival Concert at OREAD.
Photo by Taichi Fujie, June 17, 2006.


(From left to right)  Jeff, Hisashi, Alan and Jim singing Blowing in the Wind
at a talent show aboard the President Wilson in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,
bound for Yokohama from San Francisco, August 1969, photographer unknown.


Tetsuhiro Daiku (sanshin) and Isao Yagi (flute) rehearsing for the concert
at OREAD, July 22, 2006, photo by miura 


Nejiribana (spiranthes sinensis), also known as nejibana or mojizuri blooming
without warning in our yard this summer, photo by miura, July 22, 2006.


Daniel Zillig singing I Shall Be Released with J. Endo (guitar), J. Kasuga (percussion),
H. Ota (sax) and T. Otsuki (piano) at OREAD OPEN MIKE, August 5, 2006, photo by miura.


Makoto Akahane singing Senryo-nashi no mi with H. Tanaka (guitar), H. Ota (sax)
and T. Otsuki (piano) at OREAD OPEN MIKE, August 12, 2006, photo by miura.


Junichiro Endo singing Walk On, a song of his own writing, impressing the audience  
at OREAD Open Mike Night, August 19, 2006, photo by miura.


Best of friends, from left, Allan Miranda from Canada (currently living in Numazu,
Shizuoka) and Daniel Zillig from Australia (currently living in Matsukawa, Nagano)
at OREAD after the Open Mike, Augsut 26, 2006. Photo by miura


Though we've had a very hot summer this year and actually it is still very
warm, little signs of autumn are everywhere like this red dragonfly on top of
the staff. Photo by miura, September 5, 2006.


How many musicians can you recognize? A photo of a mural at Threadgill's,
one of the best known live music venues in Austin, the Capital of Live
Music of the World.  Photo by miura, September 17, 2006.


Town Lake in Austin in early morning serenity. Squirrels were busy 
looking for breakfast. Phote by miura, September 14, 2006 


Waiting for the bus near the University of Texas with two of the ultra Bush
supporters to go to the state capitol. We went there to pay our respects to the late
Ann Richards, former govenor of Texas who had passed away two days before. 
Photo by miura, September 16, 2006 


The iwashigumo or mackerel sky in Imamura, photo by miura, October 14, 2006


The camphor tree or kusunoki in Kamou-Cho(蒲生町)in Kagoshima Prefecture. It is
supposedly the biggest or the thickest tree in Japan. It's 1,500 years old and
the trunk just above the ground measures 33.57 meters around. Photo by miura, Oct 22, 2006.


Daniel Zillig from Austrailia, now living in Matsukawa in Nagano, singing "Dusty Days"
 on his ukulele at Open Mike Night at OREAD, October 21, 2006, photo by A. Kakiuchi.


Karamatsu or larch trees aflame with yellow-tinged leaves against the clear blue sky
after a shower at Wadatoge (Wada mountain pass), November 7, 2006. Photo by miura.


The statue of Ninomiya Kinjiro in the yard of Seba Elementary School in Shiojiri,
Nagano. It used to be a symbol of diligence and could be seen in schoolyards
across the nation. But now it is rare to find one. So I was surprised and happy to see
this one in such a beautiful environment. Photo by miura, November 17, 2006. 


Sophie and Phoebe, fast asleep with Sophie on top. They are not only good
sisters but the best of friends. Photo by k. miura, December 1, 2006.


A little more than two weeks have passed since Sophie and Phoebe came to live with us.
It's true they keep us busy but we enjoy every minute of it. Photo by miura, Dec. 8, 2006. 


Illuminated yard of government-run Alps Azumino Park. Photo by miura on Dec 23, 2006

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